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Promotion Period: 15 August 2014 - 31 March 2015

15% Discount on Artificial Grass for Wall & Hedge
~ Leaf Symphony ONE (Garden Ambience, Leafy Nature, Beautiful Hue) ~

Promotion Price
RM136 per square meter
Normal Price : RM160 per square meter

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Product Code : 0000181
Dimension : 1 square meter (16 pieces)
Leaf Density : nHigh Density ~ compact proximity of leaf
Leaf Pile Thickness : 3.5cm stem height
Leaf Color : Dual Tone ~ Emerald Green & Jade Green
Application : Indoor & Semi-Outdoor

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+6-016-9828918 / +6-03-20959764

Visit our product page for more information : www.miyeonshop.com/0000181.php

Product Description

Leaf Symphony ONE Artificial Grass for Wall & Hedge is a natural looking leaf array design decoration item that has a Garden Ambience, Leafy Nature and Beautiful Hue. It comes in a classic Dual Tone ~ Emerald Green & Jade Green leaf color shade that has a classy and aesthetically realistic appearance with high density of leaf arrangement and thick stem height. This item is suitable for Indoor and Semi-Outdoor applications which is a wonderful material for enhancing various spaces. Its average size and weight makes it suitable for decorating walls and constructing hedges with an interlocking tile feature and a slightly flexible base that can be easily fixed onto wood surfaces by stapling or fastening onto wire mesh structures by using twist tie garden wires.

Leaf Symphony ONE Artificial Grass for Wall & Hedge is ideal for decorating walls, creating hedges, designing feature walls and spaces, signage display and creative showcase concept. The design resembles the Buxus plant from the family of Buxaceae which is commonly known as "boxwood" or "milan grass". This leafy artificial grass for wall and hedge can beautifully incorporated into various concepts such as Modern Urban Architecture or Green Luscious Garden.

Creatively design your living space today with Artificial Grass for Wall & Hedge ~ Leaf Symphony ONE !!!

Decoration Ideas
  • Modern Vertical Garden
  • Modern Signage
  • Showcase, Events or Shop Display
  • Concourse, Foyer, Lobby or Reception Area ~ Garden Concept or Feature Wall
  • Cafe & Bakery ~ Sidewalk and Hedge
  • Restaurant ~ Feature Wall
  • Banquet Garden
  • Verandah & Balcony ~ Hedge and Wall Decoration
  • Round Pillar Decoration
  • Others

  • Modern Urban Architecture
  • English Garden
  • French Formal Garden (jardin Ó la franšaise)
  • Italian Renaissance Garden
  • Balinese Garden
  • Thai Garden
  • Others

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